Definitions for "American Dream"
the widespread aspiration of Americans to live better than their parents did
The American Dream is a subjective term usually implying a successful and satisfying life. This term usually implies financial security and material comfort, but can also imply a dream of fame, exceeding social, ethnic, or class boundaries, or simply living a fulfilling life. Perceptions of the American dream are usually framed in terms of American capitalism, its associated purported meritocracy, and the freedoms guaranteed by the U.S.
American Dream is a documentary film directed by Barbara Kopple centered on union meatpacking workers at Hormel Foods in Austin, Minnesota between 1985 and 1986. Hormel cut the hourly wage from $10.69 to $8.25 after posting a net profit of $30 million. The local P-9 union opposed the cut, but the United Food and Commercial Workers Union did not support them.
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When a someone dives in with both hands like you were praying and then twists to make them like eagle's wings inside his/her partner. - Sarah, Alicia, Steven - San Diego
a novel by american writer norman mailer
a political novel
a beautiful one bedroom, two bath cabin in a RESORT SETTING overlooking a SPECTACULAR VIEW
a family affair
an epic account spanning five decades - beginning with the family's rise from a Midwestern steel town to the premier stages of the world
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an unenviable task
The stereotype that anyone can make it through hard work and perseverance; that social factors are irrelevant to material success. Canadians call it this too.
a disturbing look at American life and values
a masterpiece, and Why Are We In Vietnam is an experimental work that many have over-looked
an affectionate, humorous memoir of America and Americans coming of age
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a very very good book indeed