Definitions for "AIC"
Ampere Interrupting Capacity. Also "Interrupting Rating." A rating of the amount of current that a protective device, such as a fuse or circuit breaker, can safely interrupt.
Amerage interrupt capability. DC fuses should be rated with a suffivient AIC to interrupt the highest possible load.
Ampere Interrupting Capacity. A fuse rating that establishes the level of fault current it can interrupt. In an application, a fuse must be able to sustain the application's largest potential short circuit current.
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Alternative Intermediate Cover
Akaike's Information Criterion can be used to determine the 'best' model from a number of alternatives. AIC = N * ln(WSS) + 2 * M where N is the number of data points with non-zero weight, WSS is the weighted sum of squares and M is the number of adjustable parameters. The same weighting scheme should be used for both models (AIC calculations). Ref: Yamaoka, K., et al., J. Pkin. Biopharm., , 165-175
United States American Institute of Chemists chemistry, institution, all
Animal Investigation Committee: the name of the IACUC (Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee) for Wayne State University and John D. Dingell VA Medical Center.
Australian Intelligence Community
Alarm Interface Controller
Application Integration Component. A special type of COM component in Microsoft BizTalk Server that implements the IBizTalkAppIntegration interface, and optionally implements the IPipelineComponent and IPipelineComponentAdmin interfaces. When you configure a messaging port to handle a document, you can choose to pass the document to a custom AIC.
Argo Information Centre
Aeronautical Information Circular.
Auxiliary Information Channel: all or part of sub-channel 63, used to carry information redirected from the Fast Information Channel.
Application Interpreted Constructs. Entity constructs (placed in a library) which have been used two or more times by APs.
Application Interpreted Constructs (STEP Architecture)
Additional Initial Claim. A notice of new unemployment claim filed at the beginning of a second or subsequent period of eligibility when a break of one week or more has occurred in the claim series with intervening employment.
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Air inlet computer
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Australia–India Council
Acceptable Intake for Chronic Exposure