Definitions for "ageing"
same as aging.
The process by which certain types of leather are at some stage of manufacture allowed to lie in piles to "age".
A series of progressive and irreversible biological changes that result in reduced ability to maintain homeostatis in the face of threat and increased vulnerability. While many suggest that this process starts in adolescence or early adulthood, the pace of deterioration of different body systems varies considerably, and is influenced by behavioural and socio-economic forces.
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Guanine Potassium
A natural tenderising process, which uses naturally occurring enzymes in meat to break down muscle fibre.
Processes that occur with time, independent of changes in loading, and cause changes to the state of a soil, e.g. vibration, compaction, creep, cementing, weathering, changes in salinity.
Decorative technique used to create a weathered look on a wooden, painted, plastic or other surface.
Decorative technique used to create the effect of wear-and-tear on a wooden, painted, plastic or other surfaces.
having lived for a relatively long (or a specified) time; not young; -- used especially of persons. Opposite of young.
The automatic removal of dynamic entries from the Switch Database which have timed-out and are no longer valid.
acquiring desirable qualities by being left undisturbed for some time
Hardening an alloy by heating to a temperature where a precipitate forms from a super-saturated solid solution.
Storage of a material under defined conditions, to determine by subsequent tests the effect of these conditions on the properties of the material. The conditions may be chosen to accelerate any natural changes that may occur.
The changes that a material or coating might undergo during a specified period, subjected to specified conditions.
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Similar to antiquing; making a product/object look older.
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growing old
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See maturation.