Definitions for "actuary"
A specialist in the mathematics of risk, especially as it relates to insurance...
The computing official of an insurance company; one whose profession it is to calculate for insurance companies the risks and premiums for life, fire, and other insurances.
A professional mathematician who calculates insurance rates and reserves.
a person looks out the back window of his car and draws a map of where he's been
a person that measures the length of a room by stepping one foot in front of the other, and then uses a micrometer to measure the final remaining position
a person who actuarial firm wanted to
a CPA who didn't have the personality for it
a CPA who found CPA work too exciting
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a highly esteemed profession
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a dweeb who reads very thick books with tiny, tiny print and enjoys the footnotes more than the text
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an analyst, a forecaster, and a planner
a combination of an accountant, a lawyer, an engineer and a politician
an accountant with an imagination
Additional Accounts
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a geek who wanted to work at home, but whose
A registrar or clerk; -- used originally in courts of civil law jurisdiction, but in Europe used for a clerk or registrar generally.
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Develops pricing of the products and measures trends that may require changes. Responsible for reporting loss ratio results and providing ultimate loss ratio projections.
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