Definitions for "AAF"
3/4– An association that advocates the rights of advertisers. Based in Washington, the AAF is a grass-roots organization with chapters in most U.S. cities. The AAF Foundation supports educational programs and minority group employment initiatives.
American Advertising Federation. The AAF advocates the rights of advertisers through educating the government, news media and general public. The AAF accomplishes these goals through a nationally coordinated grassroots network of 50,000 affiliate members including advertising associations, and college chapters.
Association Astronautique Francaise.
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Abalone ABS
Advanced Architecture Flash
Advanced authoring format, which is a Microsoft multimedia file format for multimedia authoring applications - making it possible to develop a multimedia presentation in one application and edit it in a second application.
an ad hoc standard promoted by a coalition of vendors, chiefly Avid and Microsoft, along with developers and end-users. AAF is a wrapper file format.
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Always and forever
An ethylene or propylene glycol-based fluid that is applied unheated to "clean" aircraft surfaces (i.e., free of any snow or ice) to prevent snow and ice from adhering to the surfaces.
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American Academy of Florists
Aboriginal Australian Fellowship
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Artificial Anti Ferromagnet
Annual Adjustment Factor. A mechanism used until FY 1999 to set all annual rent increases in developments with Section 8 project-based assistance. HUD surveyed a market and determined the average rent increase for a given apartment type, then converted this into a percentage (the AAF) to apply to the gross rent of Section 8 properties, based on their prior year's rents. The AAF is still used for all Section 8 developments that have not yet reached the expiration date of their initial subsidy contract. However, for developments that are now renewing on an annual basis, Section 8 project-based rents are adjusted using the Operating Cost Adjustment Factor (OCAF) or if requested by the owner, budget-based rents.
Alternative Adjustment Factor
Adverse Analytical Finding - a "positive" or "failed" doping test.
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Army Air Forces
Auxiliary Air Force
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As A Friend
Absolute time - normal time in terms of hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds.
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As a matter of fact