Definitions for "zoning"
Refers to government legislation regarding the use of land. Zoning regulation...
The partition of a city, county, township, or other governmental unit or area by ordinance into sections reserved for different land-use purposes, such as residential, business, manufacturing, greenbelt, or agriculture.
Local ordinances regulating the use and development of property by dividing the jurisdiction into land use districts or zones represented on a map and specifying the uses and development standards (e.g. maximum height of structures, minimum setbacks, minimum useable open space) within each zone.
a process in which a marine protected area is divided into discrete zones and particular human uses of each zone are permitted, often with conditions such as gear limitations in fishing and waste discharge prohibitions in tourism. In the U.S., marine sanctuaries, national parks, national wildlife refuges, and state MPAs are some examples of areas that may be zoned
Refers to places in marine parks that are managed for specific purposes.
Zoning that offers incentives to developers, such as retail shops on the first floor of multistory office buildings if a plaza for public use is included.
English, The act of limiting the opponent's offensive potential by moving to a position relative to them that closes off the major weapons, or likely next attack. Identification of the next likely attack is based on reach, foot placement, weight distribution and momentum. Similar to Angling.
Zoning that allows more restrictive uses. For example, a lot zoned for a multi-family dwelling would allow a single-family home if the zoning were cumulative.
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a crude classification system
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See Agricultural zoning. See Also: Agricultural zoning.
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Zoning that excludes stated uses.
The distinction of particular rock material from surrounding rock material.