Definitions for "Yod"
An aspect configuration in which two planets in sextile both form a quincunx (inconjunct) with the same third planet; it is given a karmic connotation. Sometimes called the Finger of God. See also Finger of God.
A planetary configuration consisting of two planets making an aspect of 150 degrees on both sides of a third planet. The yod is sometimes called "the finger of God" aspect, indicating that a person may have a special mission or purpose in life.
Three planets in a pattern where the aspects are 2 quincunxes and a sextile. Considered to be a time of fateful decision making where you must rely on gut instinct. After you take one path at this "fork in the road", there's no turning back.
(yohd) n. Yod. 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet having a sound of “y” as in yes. Sometimes functions as a “consonantal vowel.” Originally represented by a pictograph meaning “arm and hand” or “deed.”Gematria = 10.