Definitions for "Hyleg"
Keywords:  giver, apheta, cusp, fortune, ascending
The planet or place which is the giver of life. The Sun or Moon is hyleg: if either is in the ascendant between 5 above to 25 below the ascending degree or in the opposite place relating to the seventh house or between the fifth degree below the ninth cusp to 25 below the eleventh cusp (encompassing the whole of the tenth house). If neither luminary is located in one of these hylegical places, the ascending degree becomes the hyleg. Jupiter, Venus or Part of Fortune may be designated hyleg if they are hylegiacal (strong; dignified and well-aspected) and Sun, Moon or Asc are poorly placed or aspected by malefics. Hyleg is traditionally affected by the sect of the chart, especially whether nocturnal or diurnal. When the hyleg is afflicted there is danger to life.
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The Giver of Life”. The Hyleg is a significator of longevity, and can be a planet, the Ascendant or the Part of Fortune. Calculation of the Hyleg is a complex affair. -------------------------------- Imum Coeli The Imum Coeli (IC) is the point where the Lower Meridian intersects the Ecliptic. The Imum Coeli is opposite the Midheaven (MC). In most house systems the IC forms the 4th House Cusp. In interpretation, it represents the personal foundations, source of being, origins, roots, beginnings of life in the womb, personal, family and tribal heritage; connection with home; parental influence; most private and least conscious area.