Definitions for "Without Prejudice"
A declaration that no rights of the party concerned are waived or lost. For example, a judgment without prejudice does not bar the right to bring or maintain an action on the same claim or cause.
A legal term meaning that an action, such as an offer to settle, is made without any admissions or waivers. Part of a nonwaiver agreement that holds that the insured who signs the agreement cannot legally construe certain actions, such as the determination of the value of a claim by the insurance company, to be an admission of liability on the company's part.
A statement made by a party in, or in contemplation of, litigation, which is "off the record". To encourage the parties to engage in open discussion about settlement, such statements cannot generally be made known to the court. If they are expressed to be "without prejudice save as to costs", they may be disclosed after the court has decided the case when it comes to argument about who should pay for it. Without prejudice is often confused with "subject to contract" but the two are completely different.
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Without loss of rights.