Definitions for "With"
With denotes or expresses some situation or relation of nearness, proximity, association, connection, or the like.
To denote a close or direct relation of opposition or hostility; -- equivalent to against.
To denote association in respect of situation or environment; hence, among; in the company of.
In contexts such as "riding with" and "finished with" used to mean "next to each other or one behind another, close enough to be drafting". Example: "Samuel Dumoulin (Française Des Jeux) and Simon Gerrans (Ag2r-Prevoyance) joined up with the leading four and set about working well together."[ edit
a very useful word in the Kenpo language. Instead of and, this gives you duel movements and ecomonizes motion.
an initiate of Wicca, one who has earned the right to call themselves Priest, or Priestess, through study, self evaluation, and spiritual living
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With condom (e.g. French with = CBJ)
With a condom.
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This structure is used for record variables and for class objects to reduce the references to that record name or object. Form: With objectname ... With End. For class objects, methods and public variables can be accessed as . name
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See Withe.