Definitions for "Whitening"
A process of whitening teeth that uses special compounds usually containing hydrogen peroxide. Sometimes lasers are used in conjunction with these compounds. Over-the-counter whitening products are not the prescription strength that dentists use and are therefore less effective. See "Tooth whitening."
People with stained or dull teeth will benefit from whitening. It is a safe and effective means to whiten stained, discoloured or dull teeth (or even a single tooth). In-surgery and supervised at-home whitening systems are available. At-home systems should be individually fitted and monitored by your cosmetic dentist.
A process which lightens the color of teeth
A condition brought about in the dried film of a coating material by the absorption of moisture.
May occur shortly after the job is sprayed, and is reasonably common. Caused moisture trapped under the sealer.
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The act or process of making or becoming white.
Process of removing the bran layer of grain during milling.
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See Bleaching
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That which is used to render white; whiting.
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changing to a lighter color