Definitions for "TTS"
Temporary threshold shift. The temporary hearing loss suffered as the result of exposure to an acoustic wave. All or part of the loss is recovered during a given period of time after the exposure has been stopped (O1 75).
Temporary Threshold Shift. A loss of hearing associated with the effect of loud noise, which disappears after a period of recovery.
Temporary threshold shift. Temporary increases in threshold occurring after exposure to high noise levels, which can last from minutes to hours.
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Transaction Tracking System (from NetWare). Provides a back out for database changes that are attempted on records but are incomplete. A copy is made of the file being changed and if an error occurs such as a power failure or hardware problem before the full modification is complete, then the copy is replaced. Files such as word processor documents are not protected. The file in question should be flagged as transactional, you will then be unable to delete or rename the file.
The substitution of telecommunications based methods such as telework and teletrade to replace physical travel or transport. Telecommuting to replace physical commuting is one example of the former, while document delivery over a network, instead of using a courier is an example of the latter.
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ank hermal ight. Home
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Marcinko slang for Tap 'em, Tie 'em and Stash 'em.
Technical Training School
See Tactical Training Strategy
Technology Training Services. obsolete
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Text To Speech
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Time To Station