Definitions for "Truth table"
Keywords:  boolean, gate, logic, tabular, input
A boolean table that describes the way that a circuit reacts to input values by showing a complete set of possible input values with corresponding outputs....
A matrix that describes a logic function by listing all possible combinations of inputs, and by indicating the outputs for each combination.
a a table describing the behavior of the inputs and outputs of a particular logic gate
a graphical device for specifying a truth function, making it clear what the value of the truth function is for every possible value of the component sentences
a pictorial representation of all of the possible outcomes of the truth value of a compound sentence
a two-dimensional array with columns
a list of all possible operations and results for a specific operator
an excellent tool for listing the truth values of a conjunction (or any compound statement)
A scheme for analyzing forms and relations among them. ( Study 5)
a chart that shows all the different possibilities that exist for a given statement