Definitions for "Trust agreement"
An agreement through which a grantor transfers property for the benefit of himself/herself or others. The agreement describes the operation of the trust.
A written instrument duly executed, sealed, and delivered, conveying or transferring property to a trustee, usually but not necessarily covering real property.
a legal arrangement whereby one person or institution, as trustee, manages property as specified in the agreement
a document containing instructions to the trustee stating, for example, who is to receive income from the trust and when and how it is to be distributed
The document which establishes the terms under which the trust is administered, identifies the property which is transferred to the trustee, identifies the beneficiaries, and sets forth conditions upon which property of the trust may be distributed to the beneficiaries.
The document that creates a trust and establishes the rules which control the trust's management.
an inter vivos conveyance of property, and is, therefore, subject to the standard governing conveyances