Definitions for "Tremor"
A trembling; a shivering or shaking; a quivering or vibratory motion; as, the tremor of a person who is weak, infirm, or old.
Rhythmic shaking and involuntary movement of part(s) of the body due to muscle contractions.
rhythmic, involuntary, purposeless contraction of opposing muscle groups
Mild shakiness of muscles.
Minute oscillations of a muscle which accompany its contraction. Their frequency is in the range 8 - 12 Hz, and their amplitude about 1% that of the main muscle contraction.
Shakiness in the voice caused by disease, age, emotion, or possibly fatigue.
Tremor is a fictional character from the comic book series, Spawn. He is a former Mafia enforcer and associate of Antonio "Tony Twist" Twistelli, the Don of New York, and is now a vigilante seeking revenge on The Family.
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Tremor by the Xiph.Org Foundation is a fixed-point version of the Ogg Vorbis decoder for those platforms that can't do floating point math.
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Tumor Necrosis Factor ( TNF)
Either with intention or sustention indicates Cerebellar damage.
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(see Benign Essential Tremor)
a symptom that may be present in otherwise healthy people, as well as in people with medical disorders