Definitions for "Top dressing"
The application of fertilizer, whatever its form, to the surface of the soil around established plantings.
when compost or topsoil is applied to fill holes or improve the soil.
fertilizer applied in the spring to growing crops (usually nitrogen fertilizer)
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Tifgreen hybrid bermuda lawns are occasionally benefited by a light top-dressing of fine sand. This is especially applicable if the surface is uneven or you want a putting green surface. Heavy, single applications of sand should be avoided; a normal application is 1 cubic yard per 1,000 sq. ft. This can be spread evenly with the back of a rake or dragged in with wire mesh such as a steel mesh door mat.
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A blending term used to denote high quality malts that are known to marry well and are used to give a blended whisky a veneer of depth and character.