Definitions for "Bermuda"
a group of islands in the Atlantic off the Carolina coast; British colony; a popular resort
Norfolk Island (Australian Dollar)
A type of coarse durable grass seen mostly on southern courses.
A type of coarse grass used in hot climates.
Type of grass found mainly in the south.
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A project using the JANET Managed Bandwidth Pilot Service, and a triangle of 2Mbit/s circuits between the University of Southampton, UCL and the University of Lancaster to conduct tests on IPv6 enabled hardware and software, and to improve understanding of the issues involved in deploying IPv6.
Bermuda is a help desk web-app that aims to make the lives of tech support offices easier. It does most of what other ticket tracking apps do and more. Its sleek interface is easy on the eyes, straightforward, and very useable.
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Goslings Black Seal
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bag a round or oval-shaped handbag with a wooden handle and removable cloth covers
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Shifting rich blue to purple.
a highly respected jurisdiction with tax neutrality and no exchange control for non-resident undertakings
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Larger than shorts and almost reaching the knee..
same as Bermudas.