Definitions for "Tongue Tie"
Keywords:  workout, horse, tie, race, bandage
a cloth or leather band used to tie down a horse's tongue to prevent it from interfering with his breathing during a race or workout.
A tie used to hold the tongue down to prevent the horse from getting its tongue over the bit. If the tongue gets over the bit it makes the horse harder to control.
Strip of cloth-type material used to stabilize a horse's tongue to prevent it from "choking down" in a race or workout or to keep the tongue from sliding up over the bit, rendering the horse uncontrollable. Also known as a "tongue strap."
The situation where the front of the tongue has reduced mobility because of a very short frenulum connecting the tongue to the floor of the mouth. Usually prohibits piercing of the tongue.
a congenital anomaly in which the mucous membrane under the tongue is too short limiting the mobility of the tongue
Keywords:  tip, floor, mouth, holds, skin
a web of skin that holds the tip of the tongue down to the floor of the mouth