Definitions for "TMR"
Total mixed ration. See complete ration.
Total Mixed Ration - When all ration ingredients, including roughages, are mixed mechanically to provide one homogenous mixture
Total Mixed Ration. Ration formulated to meet requirements of the cow in which all of the ingredients are blended together in a mixer.
Tivoli Management Region. TMRs are a series of loosely connected regions, each with its own server for managing local clients.
See Tivoli Management Region (TMR).
Tivoli Management Region. In a Tivoli environment, a Tivoli server and the set of clients that it serves. An organization can have more than one region. A Tivoli management region addresses the physical connectivity of resources whereas a policy region addresses the logical organization of resources.
Tunnel Magneto- Resistance
Tunneling MagnetoResistance is a large change in the electrical resistance upon the application of a magnetic field of two magnetic layers separated by an insulating layer.
Thirty Month Rule. The rule introduced in April 1996 by the demand of the farmers in the UK (stated as unnecessary by MAFF) that catte over 30 months of age should not be used for human food.
In safety PLCs, Triple Modular Redundancy is the provision of three micro processors instead of one in situations where continuing functioning has to be ensured.
Text Meaning Representation. The representation of the meaning and communicational effect of a text in a formal specification language used as an interlingua.
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Training and Mobility of Researchers.