Definitions for "Timers"
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Some sets have On/Off timers, which can be used to give your home that "lived in look" when you're away and can even be programmed to wake you in the morning. Many TVs have Sleep Timers that can be programmed to turn off after a preset time, allowing you to doze off without having to worry about turning off the TV.
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Pre Seal Time delay between press being closed and seal time coming on to ensure proper compression. Usually between 1/2 to 1 sec. Seal Time that r.f. is on and material is being sealed. Generally you want less time to seal, try more power and less time. It saves wear on the oscillator tube plus you can produce more. Some materials have to be sealed at lower power with more time. Cool or Dwell Time for material to cool while still under pressure, preventing tearing of hot material. Generally cool time is 1/2 the seal time.
The person responsible for marking a contestant's time.
Clock-operated devices used to time various sequences of events in circuits.
Control devices to activate luminaires at set timed intervals.
Up to 8 independent Timers. Count up or down, play sound or start application when finished.