Definitions for "The Pulse"
The Pulse is a comic book published by Marvel Comics, written by Brian Michael Bendis, about the people who work on "The Pulse", a weekly section in the fictional Daily Bugle newspaper, focusing on superheroes.
The Pulse is a US television show created by Bryan Kent (AKA Bryan Michael Kent) and Matt Newberg for the once-Adelphia, now Time Warner station in Los Angeles. Showcasing the best that Los Angeles has to offer, ranging from the hidden shops, resaurants & sights to the regualr Angeleno staples, The Pulse is the ultimate guide to Southern California culture. The show premiered in November 2004 and continues to air on TV now in its 3rd season.
The Pulse, is a community radio station which broadcasts to the Geelong Region. It has studios which are based in Geelong, located at the Geelong Media Centre, which is also a training facillity for other forms of media. It operates 24 hours a day for 7 days a week, live to air.