Definitions for "Tetanus"
A painful and usually fatal disease, resulting generally from a wound, and having as its principal symptom persistent spasm of the voluntary muscles. When the muscles of the lower jaw are affected, it is called locked-jaw, or lickjaw, and it takes various names from the various incurvations of the body resulting from the spasm.
That condition of a muscle in which it is in a state of continued vibratory contraction, as when stimulated by a series of induction shocks.
infectious disease caused by the toxin of Clostridium tetani and characterized by tonic muscle spasms, exaggerated reflexes, lockjaw, and arching of the back; a smooth, sustained contraction produced by a series of very rapid stimuli to a muscle
a heterogeneous immunoenzymatic test of indirect type used for the quantitative determination of lgG antibodies to the Tetanic Toxoid
A train of action potentials; the requirement for development of LTP.