Definitions for "Tesseract"
noun - Four-dimensional hypercube; its vertices are (+/-1, +/-1, +/-1, +/-1). It is a polychoron formed from eight equal cube cells that are perpendicular to each other at their faces. It is the tetraspace analog to the square in planespace and the cube in realmspace. In some literature, the term tesseract refers to the inner projection of a tetracube into realmspace, which looks like a cube within a cube.
a four dimensional cube, and also a common name for the Darkness Beyond Time in Chrono Cross
a four dimensional cube, and the movie initially claimed to have a multi-dimensional theme
In computer software, Tesseract is an optical character recognition engine. It was originally developed at Hewlett Packard from 1985 until 1995. After ten years with no development, Hewlett Packard and UNLV released it in 2005.
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a rather odd thing