Definitions for "hypercube"
A mathematical object existing in more than three dimensions, analogous to the cube in that each two-dimensional facet of the surface is a square; a generalization of a cube in more than three dimensions.
A multicomputer in which the nodes are placed at the vertices of a d-dimensional cube. In most cases, a binary hypercube is used in which each node is connected to n others in a hypercube containing 2**n nodes.
noun - A shape of n dimensions where the vertices in each dimension are +/-1. It is the n-dimensional analog of the square in planespace, the cube in realmspace, and the tesseract in tetraspace. All of a hypercube's faces are (n-1) dimensional hypercubes. Sometimes the term is restricted only to dimensions above the third, and frequently it is used to refer only to the tesseract.
a data structure that stores multiple levels of pre- computed summary data
a particular type of undirected graph structure that has recurrent uses in computer science
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