Definitions for "TEG "
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See top edge gilt.
top edge gilt - the top of the page edges have been treated with gold foil to protect them from dust damage
Top Edges Gilt. See “Gilt”.
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TEG is clone of 'Plan Tactico y Estrategico de la Guerra', which is a clone of Risk, a networked multiplayer turn-based strategy game. TEG is not fully compliant with Risk; some rules are different. It has a server, a robot, a GNOME client, support for GGZ Gaming Zone, and IPv
TEG is an Argentine Risk-based board wargame created during the 1970s. The name is an acronym of Plan Táctico y Estratégico de la Guerra, Spanish for Plan for War Tactics and Strategy (The P does not stand in the acronym, for a reason yet unknown).
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Thermo-Electric Generator. In the best of all possible worlds the TEG would provide reliable electrical power for the AASTO instruments by cunningly converting heat from the combustion of propane directly into electricity. Unfortunately our TEG has a death wish, and erroneously assumes that its views are shared by our computers, instruments and other equipment in the AASTO, which it therefore attempts to wipe out, along with itself, at least once per year.
Taux Effectif Global. An interest rate calculated on all the sums paid by the borrower during the life of his real-estate loan. It therefore includes the repayment installments, initial loan administrative fees, expenses related to the surety agreement and additional insurance premiums.
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A sheep in its second year; also, a doe in its second year.
two-year-old sheep
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Test & Evaluation Group (USAF)
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fair, beautiful Pant-teg