Definitions for "Takeout"
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the share of the handle deducted from the pools for the purses, track and the state.
The money taken from the betting pool to be divided among the track, the state and the operators.
the percentage the track retains from each bet to help fund purses and operations; typically varies according to wager
prepared food that is intended to be eaten off of the premises; "in England they call takeout food `takeaway'"
of or involving food to be taken and eaten off the premises; "takeout pizza"; "the takeout counter"; "`take-away' is chiefly British"
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salida del río—kayaking
Keywords:  shot, stones, knocks, thrown, enough
a rock that removes another rock from play.
A type of shot that removes another rock from play.
A shot thrown hard enough to take the opposing team's stone, or stones, out of play.
Keywords:  bid, adjective, strain, noun, partner
(1) (noun) removal of the contract to a new strain;(2) (adjective) suggesting that partner bid.
(bridge) a bid that asks your partner to bid another suit
When the developer wishes to acquire a construction and development loan, the construction lender usually wants to see the developer's permanent-loan "take-out" commitment. This commitment assures the construction lender that the loan will be paid. After builder/developer submits plans and studies for presentation to permanent lenders (banks, S&L's, etc.), the lender will issue a takeout or "forward commitment." Builders are not obligated to "take down" (use) the funds committed.
Financing A commitment to provide permanent financing upon completion of construction. The take out loan normally pays off the construction loan.
A financing to refinance or take out another loan. Source
A flexible lease option in which the Lessor replaces existing leased equipment with either different or newer equipment.
A longer story that takes a step back from daily, breaking news stories to put a running story with frequent developments into context and perspective.
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The location at which a trip ends.
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Takes a call Takes price
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See takeout mortgage.