Definitions for "Suri"
A type of alpaca with tightly wound fiber that looks like dreadlocks
A breed of Alpaca characterised by luscious locks of fleece that lay close to the body, twisting vertically to the ground.
an alpaca with a coat that looks like dreadlocks (as opposed to a regular woolly alpaca, which is a huacaya)
The Suri are a Pashtun tribe. One theory about them is that the Suri Pakhtun were people brought from Syria by the son of Seljuks prince. The Suris and Nuhanis are descended from Ismail's (the son of Ibrahim Lodhi) two sons Sur and Nuh.
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A name of Krsna bom to Devaki
Suri is the Persian adjective for red. See Chaharshanbe Suri (the last Wednesday before the Persian New Year, or noruz). Chaharshanbe Suri literally means Red Wednesday (Chaharshanbe being Wednesday, and Suri being the adjective red).
Suri, also known as 'Siuri', is the headquarter of district Birbhum in the Indian state of West Bengal, India.
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to slide (eg. suri-ashi: sliding legs)
Smaller Urban Renewal Initiatives. SURIs aim to regenerate run down areas by targeting investment and focusing the efforts of local agencies, the community and the private sector. They are housing-led initiatives, usually in small towns.
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secondary wife.