Definitions for "Subcode"
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Subdominant Subframe
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A separate low speed data channel on every CD. The subcode comprises 8 channels. The P and Q channels are used to provide control information for CD discs. The R to W channels are used for CD Graphics.
A series of codes, ranging from P through W, that indicate display and control information that can be stored in con-junction with audio information on compact disc. The compact disc table of contents employs P and Q subcodes. Other codes are used for storage of MIDI information or graphic images in relation to CD-I playback.
Playback control information that is recorded along with the digital audio data and can be used for controlling the playback deck and information display.
Four digits appended to the account ID to identify attribute and dollar records within an account.
Four digits appended to an account ID to identify attributes and dollar records within an account
A four digit number used to classify entries made to 6 digit accounts. There are GL and SL subcodes. GL subcodes separate the various assets and liabilities tracked by the University, and record the fund additions, fund deductions, and memo summary SL details. SL subcodes are either revenue (start with zero) or expenditure (do not start with zero) subcodes. The expenditure subcodes relate to the "character and object" codings used by the State Comptroller's Office.
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CUFS Object Code.
Ninety-eight-bit codes used in the CD format. P and Q codes contain flag and control information. Codes R,S,T,U,V,W are available and may be used for CD+G or other specialized applications.
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Data, other than music, which is stored on a CD, MD, or other digital format. Used to indicate track number, index number, use of emphasis, and other information.