Definitions for "Stylet"
A stiff wire, inserted in catheters or other tubular instruments to maintain their shape and prevent clogging.
A small, stiff, needlelike tube inserted into a food source to obtain liquid food.[1
Slender, tubular mouthparts in plant-parasitic nematodes or aphids.
Also style, acanthopore. In stenolaemates, a rod-like structure parallel to the zooidal growth directions, forming spinose projections on the colony surface. (Boardman & Cheetham, 1983) Four types of stylets are acanthostyles, aktinotostyles, paurostyles, and heterostyles.
A small poniard; a stiletto.
Any small, more or less rigid, bristlelike organ; as, the caudal stylets of certain insects; the ventral stylets of certain Infusoria.
Keywords:  furcae, cuticular, buccal, lance, blunt
Pair of lance-shaped cuticular structures, one on each side of the buccal tube. Pointed anterior ends project into buccal tube; blunt posterior ends (furcae) joined to buccal tube by stylet supports.
spiny needle-like extension of the penis.
A long, thin, hollow, needle-like formation.
small needle-like appendage; especially the feeding organ of a tardigrade
An instrument for examining wounds and fistulas, and for passing setons, and the like; a probe, -- called also specillum.
stylet is the set of values associated with a particular word of design vocabulary. For example, a definition of the `filter' stylet might express that `a filter is a component that has only input ports and output ports.' See also: Type, Class