Definitions for "Sty"
An inflamed swelling or boil on the edge of the eyelid.
Inflammation of one or more sebaceous, or fluid-producing, glands of an eyelid. See Free Eye Tests.
or stye: Acute, bacterial, pustular infection of oil glands located in an eyelash follicle at the eyelid margin.
Style sheet Ventura Publisher
Style Sheet or MS Interactive Music Control or LaTeX2e Style
Style files are used by LaTeX to define the layout of a LaTeX document (by redefining the meaning of commands like \section, for example). They are also used commonly to extend LaTeX. See the LaTeX manualĀ [ ll:latexbook] for more information. Style files are really just TeX files that perform specific tasks. You will eventually write or modify a style file, but it isn't something you are likely to do every day.
Keywords:  inclosure, swine, pen
A pen or inclosure for swine.
Keywords:  debauchery, bestial, place
A place of bestial debauchery.
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see hordeolum
Keywords:  stirrup, soar, ascend, mount, see
To soar; to ascend; to mount. See Stirrup.
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To shut up in, or as in, a sty.