Definitions for "Stop loss"
A form of excess of loss reinsurance. Operates on the basis of aggregate losses. Thus a typical cover will pay the reinsured's aggregate losses in excess of a specified LOSS RATIO. The cover provided may be subject to a measure of CO-REINSURANCE. Often used for certain types of business not amenable to usual methods of reinsurance, such as Hail, and as an ultimate protection to the reinsured's net retained account in many other classes. Formerly also known as Excess of Loss Ratio reinsurance. Under AGGREGATE EXCESS OF LOSS reinsurance the deductible and the reinsurer's limit of liability are expressed in terms of monetary amounts rather than Loss Ratios.
An insurance process used in conjunction with self-insurance so claims in excess of a certain amount are taken on by the insurer. The stop loss provision may apply to claims individually or to an aggregate claim amount for the year.
An order placed with a broker or market maker to be cut out of the existing position for a loss.
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The level at which an insurance policy will pay for covered medical care expenses at 100% up to the lifetime maximum of the policy.
Agreed upon point beyond which a managed care organization is no longer liable for costs. Also see risk and risk coordinator.
An insurance policy obtained by the provider through another agent (not the HMO) that becomes effective when a seriously ill patient's care reaches a maximum. This separate "crisis" policy insures that a provider will not go bankrupt if an unusually large number of patients develop high-care illnesses such as AIDS.
If your portfolio loses value by x percent since the last trade, TaraFolioTM will liquidate the entire stock portfolio and temporarily hold cash until the investor decides to enter the market again.
A trading system whereby people will automatically decide to sell their shares if they fall by a set amount.
The trade is liquidated to halt any further decline in profit value.
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a limit placed at the time of opening a bet on how many times the stake can be multiplied
(). An pre-set limit to the amount of money a player is willing to lose in any given session.
This is a limit set by the player before the session starts regarding the amount of money he is prepared to lose in that session.
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an order for your stock broker to sell your shares if the price dips to the level that you have specified
Order to sell securities if the price falls below a certain preset level.
A client's instruction to a broker to sell in the event that a stock falls to a certain level;