Definitions for "Steamroller"
An elongated tube with a bowl embedded at one end. The smoker inhales through the tube while holding their hand over the other end to create a vacuum.
A steamroller (also called zoom tube) is a term used by smokers of cannabis to describe a type of pipe that consists of a hollow tube with both ends open, and a bowl on one side near one end. It is presumably called this because of its resemblance to the front wheel of the piece of machinery. Another common explanation for the name comes from the fact that once the chamber is full of smoke, and the user removes their back hand to facillitate inhalation, the smoke, or "steam", appears to "roll" over itself as it is sucked from the chamber.
a massive inexorable force that seems to crush everything in its way
vehicle equipped with heavy wide smooth rollers for compacting roads and pavements
bring to a specified state by overwhelming force or pressure; "The Senator steamrollered the bill to defeat"
(Steeeem-rol-lar!) interj. 1. An exclamation similar to 'Uh-oh!' when the subject of B&B comes up in lascivious, wanton or lewd context. Refers to the probable cause-and-effect consequences of Baloo and Becky... together. Imagine the possibly disastrous coupling of Bluto and Olive of King Features' Popeye fame).