Definitions for "Stalking"
a hunt for game carried on by stalking or waiting in ambush
the act of following prey stealthily
moving silently and deliberately; especially pursuing stealthily and persistently; "we watched the stalking tiger approach his prey"; "a stalking specter on the castle walls at midnight"
Keywords:  harass, violence, victim, threat, fear
A form of harassment designed to intimidate, torment and cause fear in another person• Domestic Violence• Stalking• Things People Say
Following person putting them in fear of violence.
To follow someone by logging on to MOO, to follow someone from room to room within a MOO, to watch someone by using your computer; these are done with the idea to make someone afraid or to harass them.
Keywords:  creeping, surprise, disturb, fish
creeping up on a fish, to surprise or not disturb it.