Definitions for "Stacker"
Transfers boxes of finished product onto pallets.
A machine that stacks the sorted boards into uniform loads with spacers between each layer (course) for the dry kilns.
A stacker is large a machine used in bulk material handling applications. A stacker's function is to stack bulk material such as ores and cereals onto a stockpile. A reclaimer can be used to recover the material.
An optional electromechanical accessory that is invaluable for unattended, organized, printing and cutting of multiple batches of tags.
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Stacker is an "Amusement with prizes" (AWP) style game manufactured by LAI Games. The aim is to align rows of moving blocks on top of each other by pressing a button, when a player gets to the top row he/she/it wins a prize. There is also a "minor prize" which costs significantly less than the price per play; the sole purpose of this is to get people addicted to playing the game and give the impression that it is possible to win a major prize; however it can be very hard, and according to an operator's manual for the game, the approximate win per play ratio can be set as high as 1 in 800.
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An item of equipment which when mounted following a sheeter unit stacks the sheeted labels into specified quantities.
Device on the tale-off end of a press that automatically stacks sheeted or single labels.
a device which hooks up to a dual-LNB dish, and multiplexes the outputs of two LNBs on a single cable
Device attached to delivery conveyor to collate, compress and bundle signatures.
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a tool commonly used to level up the tips of hair ready for tying
a tool which allows you to even the ends of deer for spinning bugs or for making wings
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a ranch hand employed to stack hay.
a laborer who builds up a stack or pile
arranges bills in an orderly vertical pile