Definitions for "AWP"
Average Wholesale Price. Under the Medicare catastrophic coverage act, payment for prescription drugs is limited to the lowest of the pharmacy's actual charge, the sum of the AWP for the drug plus an administrative allowance, or effective 1992, the 90th percentile of pharmacy charges.
Adjusted World Price
Average Wholesale Price. The standardized cost of a prescription medication that is calculated by averaging the cost of an undiscounted pharmaceutical charged to a pharmacy provider by a large group of pharmaceutical wholesale suppliers.
Area Waste Plan. The National Waste Plan requires groupings known as Waste Strategy Areas (comprising local authorities, SEPA, Scottish Water and others) to produce Area Waste Plans for their areas. The Area Waste Plan should set out a strategy for delivering the policies and targets of the National Waste Strategy and underlying European Directives on Waste and Landfill. Local Plans shall reflect the policy approaches adopted in the Area Waste Plan.
Area Waste Plan. As part of the National Waste Strategy: Scotland, each Waste Strategy Area has produced an Area Waste Plan. This outlines how each area will develop more sustainable methods of waste management in order to reach the waste reduction and recycling targets set out in the EU Landfill Directive and Scotland's National Waste Plan.
Alfalfa, watercress, and parsley. The original concentrate developed by Carl Rehnborg.
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