Definitions for "Speedup"
Speedup is a multiplier indicating how many times faster the parallel program is than its sequential counterpart. If Tseq is the time taken by the sequential program (on one node) and T(P) is the time taken by the parallel program on N nodes, speedup S is given by the following. S = Tseq / T(P) When the speedup equals the number of nodes in the parallel computer, the speedup is said to be perfectly linear.
A measure of parallel program performance, comparing the speed of execution on processors with (usually) the speed of execution on 1. If TP is the time taken on processors, and T1 the time on 1, then speedup is defined as SP = T1 / TP cf. Amdahl's Law.
The ratio of two program execution times, particularly when times are from execution on 1 and P nodes of the same computer. Speedup is usually discussed as a function of the number of processors, but is also a function (implicitly) of the problem size.
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