Definitions for "Speed of sound"
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The rate at which sound waves travel. This is about the speed of 750 MPH.( 099)
The speed of sound is about 340 m/s or 760 mph at sea level.
The speed at which sound waves travel through a medium (usually air). Since the speed of waves is affected by the density of the medium and the density is affected by the temperature and pressure, the speed of sound through aid varies depending on these (and other) factors. A true measurement must state under what conditions it was measured. The standard reference is 1,130 feet per second at 59-degrees F at sea level (standard barametric pressure). The speed of sound increases with humidity, too.
Speed at which small disturbances (of acoustic intensity) can spread. For a special case of thermally ideal and calorically perfect gas (or a mixture of such gases) it can be evaluated as .
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see Mach number.