Definitions for "STC"
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standard test conditions. Conditions under which a module is typically tested in a laboratory: (1) Irradiance intensity of 1000 W/square meter (0.645 watts per square inch), AM1.5 solar reference spectrum, and (3) a cell (module) temperature of 25 degrees C, plus or minus 2 degrees C (77 degrees F, plus or minus 3.6 degrees F). [IEC 1215
Standard test conditions. The testing conditions to measure photovoltaic cells or modules nominal output power. Irradiance level is 1 000 W/m², with the reference air mass 1,5 solar spectral irradiance distribution and cell or module junction temperature of 25°C.
Standard test conditions. A set of reference conditions used for PV device measurement. They consist of irradiance of 1 kW/m2, AM 1.5, and 25ºC cell temperature.
Sound Transmission Class is a rating for evaluating the effectiveness of construction in isolating airborne sound transmission. Higher numbers indicate more effectiveness.
sound transmission class. a rating of the ability of building materials to stop the transmission of unwanted sounds. The rating is designed so that it expresses, as best one can with a single figure, the sound transmission loss in decibels when sound passes through the material. To determine the STC rating, test sounds of 16 different frequencies are transmitted through the barrier. The data is then smoothed to a standard contour using an established protocol, and the STC rating is the "smoothed" sound transmisson loss at a frequency of 500 hertz. Ordinary conversation can be understood through a window pane rated STC 25; a wall rated STC 50 stops all but the loudest shouting.
Sound Transmission Class is a number rating the effectiveness by which a material or building technique impairs or prevents the transmission of sound.
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Statni Tiskarna Cenin
Savory toasted cheese, a blend of molten white soft cheeses (generally including brie) poured over steamed vegetables, a favorite dish of many Atlantians. Recipes and blends may vary, but most seem to be based on Cariadoc's redaction of a recipe from The Closet of Sir Kenelm Digby, Opened, published in 1669.
STC - Squid Traffic Counter. This is squid traffic and user management system that allows: per-user traffic counting, limitation of traffic for users, automatical disconnection after overuse,management through web interface etc.
(Skyguide Training Center) Skyguide operates its own training centre at Zurich Airport where future air traffic controllers (–) and air navigation service employees (– ANSE) learn their craft. Training lasts approximately 3 and a half years for controllers and 2 years for ANSEs. For further information, please contact [email protected]
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Silicon Trigger Card. One (of three) elements of the STT. This board is resonsible for receiving the raw SMT data, determining where particles went through the detector(called clustering), and associating the clusters with tracks CTT tracks.
Gain control that reduces the radar receiver gain for nearby targets as compared to more distant targets. STC prevents receiver saturation from close-in targets.
ensitivity ime onstant An adjustable anti-clutter circuit in a radar set which is particularly effective at reducing the effects of "sea clutter", sometimes labelled "Sea State" or "Sea Clutter".
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Specialist Training Committee. A committee of the postgraduate dean which has delegated to it many of the deans duties in the specialty in question. Often chaired by the RSA.
STC (Society for Technical Communication) is the world's largest professional association for technical communicators. With more than 20,000 members across the globe, STC provides opportunities for continuing education and peer networking, and access to a database of job openings.
ESO Scientific and Technical Committee
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Usually used in conjunction with shrink-wrapped skids. A term in a Bill of Lading signifying that the carrier is unaware of the nature or quantity of the contents of a carton, crate, container or bundle and is relying on the description furnished by the shipper.
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short time-out confirmation. Confirmation method that interprets silence as acceptance. With short time-out confirmation, the time period that the application waits for the user to speak is typically shorter than that in explicit confirmation.
Short-Title Catalog
short thread and coupling (OCTG casing connection)
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Sydney Theater Company
Split-Shot tubing cutters fire a vertical linear charge that splits the collar releasing the pipe for easy removal, without a 'belling' effect. Cuts tubing at the collar cleanly without distorting the tube.
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See Most Growable Customer.
Supplementary Type Certificate
Supplemental Type Certificate
Special Type Certification
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Standard Telegraphic Code
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(abb) see speed tax collector
Sensitivity Time Control. A parameter which causes the receiver sensitivity to vary with range in such a way that echo signal strength is less dependent upon range. The STC is intended to keep all echo signals within the dynamic range of the receiver.
signaling termination channel
signaling transport converter
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speech-to-text conversion
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Strike Command
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Secondary tax on companies
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Student Technology Center.
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Send To Cell
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Space/Time Coding
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Said to Contain.