Definitions for "Snagging"
Keywords:  trolled, hook, embed, voluntarily, fish
A technique of angling in which a hook or hooks are cast, trolled or lowered into the water and manipulated to embed the hook or hooks into the body of the fish. You have snagged a fish if: (a)you are fishing in a manner that the fish does not voluntarily take the hook in its mouth, or (b) if you accidentally hook the fish in a part of the body other than the mouth.
attempting to take fish with a hook and line in such a way that the fish does not voluntarily take the hook or hooks in its mouth.
A term used in the building industry to denote a minor fault or incomplete item that does not prevent beneficial occupation; snagging items are documented as part of testing, commissioning and handover and corrected within an agreed period.
The process of checking a new home for minor faults.
Snagging is going over a building in detail to determine a list of areas that need repair or resurfacing. Once these problems have been identified, Magic Man can go through the list and attend to all the repairs.
Usually done when a builder has finished a job. A list of defects is given to the builder to make good before full and final payment.
When a builder attends the site to resolve outstanding matters after the main construction has been completed.
the term used to describe unsatisfactory work or small items of work still to be completed which are discussed/discovered during final site inspections.
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