Definitions for "Smurfing"
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A type of network security breach in which a netork connected to the Internet is swamped with replies to ICMP echo (PING) requests. A smurf attacker sends PING requests to an Internet broadcast address. These are special addresses that broadcast all received messages to the hosts connected to the subnet. Each broadcast address can support up to 255 hosts, so a single PING request can be multiplied 255 times. The return address of the request itself is spoofed to be the address of the attacker's victim. All the hosts receiving the PING request reply to this victim's address instead of the real sender's address. A single attacker sending hundreds or thousands of these PING messages per second can fill the victim's T-1 (or even T-3) line with PING replies, bringing the entire Internet service to its knees.
A denial of service attack in which an attacker spoofs the source address of an echo-request ICMP (ping) packet to the broadcast address for a network, causing the machines in the network to respond en masse to the victim thereby clogging its network.
Smurfing is a method of attacking of a network or Web site, using a program called Smurf, whereby the network is flooded with generated requests to the point that it becomes unusable for actual traffic.
n. A behavior in which players who are so good that no one wants to play with them because they always win play under assumed names, then reveal their true identity and laugh at the other players at the end of the game. So called because the first practitioners of this called themselves Papa Smurf and Smurfette.
A slang term coined by GFraizer (Nebu) and Warp! to mean good or famous players using fake names to hide from people and then attempting to beat other players. It is only a "Smurf" if those players win. Common phrases: "You've been Smurfed by ____"
Smurfing, in relation to online gaming, refers to the practice of a well-known or highly-skilled player creating an unknown character or login, then using it to play against, defeat, and often humiliate low-skilled players. The unknown character/login is necessary to fool the low-skilled players into entering the game, particularly if the high-skilled player is known to have done this before. Often, the player utilizing this "smurfing" technique will intentionally lower their "rank" or "record" by intentionally losing many matches, to further enhance the appearance of his apparent ineptitude to the game in which he/she is playing.
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The practice of dividing financial transactions into amounts less than $10,000 to avoid triggering bank reporting requirements. Often, a number of persons (smurfs) are employed by the offender to carry out the transactions.
Smurfing is banking industry jargon used to describe the act of splitting a large financial transaction into smaller transactions to avoid scrutiny by regulators or law enforcement. It is commonly used in the context of money laundering and has been known to appear in official Federal criminal indictments. The term is synonymous with "structuring a deposit".
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