Definitions for "Slum"
A foul back street of a city, especially one filled with a poor, dirty, degraded, and often vicious population; any low neighborhood or dark retreat; -- usually in the plural; as, Westminster slums are haunts for theives.
a district of a city marked by poverty and inferior living conditions
a contiguous settlement where the inhabitants are characterized as having inadequate housing and basic services
To visit or frequent slums, esp. out of curiosity, or for purposes of study, etc. Also called go slumming.
visit slums for entertainment or out of curiosity
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Same as Slimes.
a house unfit for human habitation.
a form of illegal housing for the poorer class of society
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cheap merchandise or prizes
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a prerequisite of urban ills
an area with "conditions injurious to public health or safety
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an area that has become a social liability to the community