Definitions for "Shredder"
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A fratboy on the Pi Sigma scoreboard. Rumor has it he's the go-to guy for brothers who want to avoid identity theft and that he runs around the house wearing a mask and singing, "When the evil Shredder attacks, these Turtle Boys don't cut him no slack!"He's on the Pi Sigma scoreboard, but we never learn his true identity in 2.16 "The Rapes of Graff."
an important component in preventing identity theft
Shredder (sometimes The Shredder) is a fictional character in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe. He is a villainous ninjutsu master called Oroku Saki who, at one point or another in every incarnation of the TMNT franchise, has been the main enemy of Splinter and the Turtles.
A mechanical device used to break up materials into smaller pieces, usually in the form of irregularly shaped strips. Shredding devices include tub grinders, hammermills, shears, drum pulverizers, wet pulpers, and rasp mills.
a big help for getting the right mix of woody and green material
a large structure, with engines supplying thousands of horsepower to turn a massive rotor approximately eight feet wide, which is lined with dozens of swinging hammers weighing a couple hundred pounds each
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Shredder is a commercial chess program developed in Germany by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen in 1993. It is a six-time World Computer Chess Champion and the 2005 World Computer Speed Chess Champion. On the November 24 2006 SSDF rating list, Shredder 10.0 placed sixth, with a rating of 2832 — 8 points below Spike 1.2 , 10 points below Fruit 2.2.1, 18 points below HIARCS 10 ,22 points below Junior 10 and 86 points below #1 ranked Rybka 1.2, which had a rating of 2918.
Shredder is a topdown singlescreen 2D arcade shooter. Singlescreen means: you're locked in an arena, and when you've killed all stuff coming at you, a door opens, and you may move to the next.
functional group category, herbivores and detritivores that masticate coarse organic particulates.
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n. A minigun or auto-cannon.
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a worthwhile investment
a slang term used to refer to a guitarist who focuses on technically advanced playing
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a device that eats paper converting it to confetti
a great way to keep your paper to a minimum
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a device that shreds documents (usually in order to prevent the wrong people from reading them)
a preventive measure that can aid in the security of a consumer or company