Definitions for "COMPACTOR"
Machine that packs down soil by using a motor driven weighted flat plate, which rests on the ground and vibrates.
a type of roll-off container that includes a device inside that compacts or compresses the materials inside as it fills up. Compacting the trash or recyclables allows space for more items to be placed inside and reduces the number of times the container needs to be emptied. Many of Waste Management's trucks also have compactors - called packers - inside their boxes, where trash is collected.
Any power-driven mechanical equipment designed to compress waste materials. Usually attached to an enclosed rolloff container.
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A 33-tonne machine used to spread out and crush the garbage, by driving back and forth over it with steel spiked wheels.
a device having at least two symmetrical wheels, which turn in opposite directions, thereby compacting the metal oxide composition between them
a device that performs compaction