Definitions for "Sharps"
Short, stiff needles used for sewing through material.
this refers to needles, blades, etc.
Equipment that is used in skin piercing procedures, such as needles or lancets.
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Sharps is a dice game primarily played by college and high school students in Nevada. It is a gambling game by nature that can be played one on one, or in groups. The game only requires a set of five dice, ideally checked before the game for shavings or weights, and a cup.
Above the conscious aspects of personality. Hidden within one's consciousness are sharps and flats. They act as counter-weights in the development and expansion of personality. They are simply personality components, yet to be integrated. Sharps are assigned to the silver realm of consciousness. The sharps and flats, when they surface to conscious level, force one to look at what is not normally confronted. See: Flat
a note that is one-half higher in pitch than another note
An accidental that raises a given pitch by one half-step. See also key signature.
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