Definitions for "Retractor"
An instrument for holding apart the edges of a wound during amputation.
A bandage to protect the soft parts from injury by the saw during amputation.
An instrument used to expose tissue or bone.
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A mechanism that rolls up the vehicle safety belt when it is not in use or removes the slack around the person or car safety seat using the belt
A mechanism that rolls up the unused webbing of the safety belt when it is not in use and takes up slack around the user.
In breech-loading firearms, a device for withdrawing a cartridge shell from the barrel.
Part used to move a breech bolt to rear.
an individual who retrieved memories of child sexual abuse and/or satanic ritual abuse only to denounce them as false later in life
A retractor is a person who had previous claimed something, but has later withdrawn that claim. This is often used in the context of someone who had realised their memory was faulty.
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A muscle serving to draw in any organ or part. See Illust. under Phylactolæmata.
See Automatic locking retractor, Emergency locking retractor, Switchable retractor, Webbing-sensitive retractor.
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One who, or that which, retracts.