Definitions for "sfm"
SM (Canadian Standards Association programme for Sustainable Forest Management).
Sustainable Forest Management. management "to maintain and enhance the longterm health of forest ecosystems, while providing ecological, economic, social and cultural opportunities for the benefit of present and future generations" ( The State of Canada's Forests 2001/2002).
Canadian Standards Association Program for Sustainable Forest Management
see Standard Format Marker.
Standard Format Marker. SIL has a proprietary format called "standard format markers" (SFM). It is possible (and even probable) that SFMs in a single document have different character encodings. When converting to one encoding (Unicode) these must be converted with different mapping files. A standard format marker begins with a backslash (\). For example, would represent a paragraph tag.
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Scott-Foresman Math.
Space Flight Mission NASA-supplied data space flight/mission name and/or number. E.g. of interest to users of the former SPACELINE database. 2003: new introduced. Search using [TW] or [OT], e.g. Parabolic Flight[OT] Rats[MH] Parabolic Flight
SFM stands for Spam Free Mail and is a free subscription-based E-Mail server offering automatic dynamic aliases personalized to senders. Developed in Tcl under RedHat
a traditional symbol for surface feet per minute, a unit measuring the rate at which a rotating tool, such as a lathe or saw, processes material. The term surface foot refers to the length of the material, similar to the linear foot.
Scanning Force Microscope. An instrument able to image surfaces to molecular accuracy by mechanically probing their surface contours. A kind of proximal probe. .... A device in which the deflection of a sharp stylus mounted on a soft spring is monitored as the stylus is moved across a surface. If the deflection is kept constant by moving the surface up and down by measured increments, the result (under favorable conditions) is an atomic-resolution topographic map of the surface. Also termed an atomic force microscope. [FS
Shop floor management. The part of the factory data environment that is responsible for the daily up-to-the-minute tracking of materials and labor. It manages and generates reports pertaining to scheduling and dispatch of materials, labor, and work order status.
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Switch Fabric Module. The Bay Networks Model 5720 ATM Switch Fabric Module is a 16-port ATM-based switch that supports general, switched high-performance network connections.
Switching and Forwarding Module. On an M160 router, a component of the Packet Forwarding Engine that provides route lookup, filtering, and switching to FPCs.
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State Fire Marshall.