Definitions for "Severance"
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Severance is a 2006 British comedy horror film, written by James Moran and Christopher Smith, directed also by Christopher Smith, and starring Danny Dyer and Laura Harris.
The act of severing, or the state of being severed; partition; separation.
The act of dividing; the singling or severing of two or more that join, or are joined, in one writ; the putting in several or separate pleas or answers by two or more disjointly; the destruction of the unity of interest in a joint estate.
The owner of all rights to a tract of land can sever the rights to his land (vertically or horizontally). In horizontal severance, for example, if he chooses to sell all or part of the mineral rights, two distinct estates are created: the surface rights to the tract of land and the mineral rights to the same tract. The two estates may change hands independently of each other.
Severance is the debut album by Australian melodic death metal band Daysend.
A lump-sum payment made to an employee when the employment relationship is ended without cause by the employer.
refers to pay for a specific period beyond the last date of employment.
When a company lets an employee go, it may offer compensation for being severed. Severance usually is handled as a normal paycheck with all the standard taxes withheld.
The conversion of a joint tenancy into a tenancy in common.
Breaking a joint tenancy.
A term used to describe the possibility that a development may disrupt activities or movements in an area or divide an area, community, etc. in an adverse manner
The word for the act of dividing one property from another or splitting a property into pieces.
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In this context it means the cutting of a road, path or track, so that it no longer forms a continuous route.
a termination of the parental rights of a biological or adoptive parent