Definitions for "Settling"
Keywords:  sink, pigment, sediment, bottom, solid
That which settles at the bottom of a liquid; lees; dregs; sediment.
Coating defect: formation of hard sediments on the bottom of the coating can due to aggregate instability of a pigment, extender or other solid suspension.
(1) Solids, once suspended in liquid, falling to the bottom of a container. (2) Sinking to the earth from the effects of gravity.
The lowering of elevation of a house or pavement due to weight or shrinkage.
Loss of wall height by shrinkage and compression.
The lowering of the home, earth or pavement due to weight or shrinkage.
Every home settles to a certain extent after construction; problems occur when the settling is uneven and cracks occur in the foundation walls.
Movement as a building settles after construction. Problematic when settling is uneven and cracks occur in the foundation walls.
The act of one who, or that which, settles; the act of establishing one's self, of colonizing, subsiding, adjusting, etc.
the process of subsidence and deposition of suspended matter carried by water, wastewater, or other liquids. It is usually accomplished by reducing the velocity of the liquid below the point that it can transport the suspended material. Also called sedimentation.
In the first months and years after a new home is built, some settling can occur as the underlying soil gains and loses moisture. Minor settling is normal.
(1) The shrinking or dislodging of a support. (2) The lowering of a structure due to its load or soil conditions.
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