Definitions for "Sephiroth"
(Heb) In the Kabbalah, the ten divine emanations from Ain Soph (the Boundless) which form the Tree of Life or tenfold universe.
Sephiroth: this is a term that describes the circular centers in the Cosmic Tree of Life in the study of the Kabbalah. There are ten Sephiroth, or Spiritual Centers, kind of like chakras but different. Each one embodies a certain Spiritual Quality, Emanation and Aspect of God! There is also an 11th Sephiroth which is hidden—called Daath! This refers to Hidden Wisdom! There is in truth also a 12th Sephiroth, which is called the Sephiroth of "Synthesis
The plural of Sephira. The word sephiroth is frequently used to refer to the Tree of Life, a symbolic a rrangement of ten (sometimes eleven) spheres, which represent emanations from YHVH, and the twenty-two paths between them, which represent their interaction. The Tree of the Sephiroth is the primary glyph of the Qabalah.
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Square Enix role playing game Final Fantasy VII. He has had — relative to Final Fantasy VII's continuity — four non-canonical appearances in other games: Ehrgeiz, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II and Itadaki Street Special. Within the continuity of Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth has also made appearances in the mobile game Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, the CGI film Final Fantasy VII Advent Children and the midquel OVA Last Order -Final Fantasy VII-.