Definitions for "Sefirot"
(pl.), sefirah (sing.) Loosely translated, "spheres", or emanations of God¹s qualities. There are ten. in descending order,they are: Keter (crown), Hokhmah (wisdom), Binah (understanding), Hesed (mercy), Din (judgement), Tiferet (splendor), Netzah (triumph), Hod (majesty), Yesod (foundation) and Malkhut (kingship; also known as the Shekhina, the feminine aspect of God in exile on earth). these qualities are often "mapped" to actions, colors, the body, spiritual development, etc. A vast array of texts have been written on this topic and it is outside the scope of this glossary and site to cover this toipic in depth.
Plural for Sefirah. See Sefirah.
The powers or potencies of the Godhead as taught by the Kabbalah. Ein Sof – the infinite aspect of the Godhead that is completely concealed and beyond human comprehension – produces by a process of emanation the ten powers (sefirot) through which the Godhead becomes manifest in the world. The ten sefirot are the source of all cosmic energy and vitality.